Krosul's Kofaadsa


Krosul’s Kofaadsa is a crowd-sourced old-school fantasy adventure setting. Scattered about a free map from are award-winning entries from the One-Page Dungeon Contest and some free modules that got a thumbs-up from Ten Foot Pole. These are some of the best adventures available on the internet, free or otherwise.



Major Locations

Adventurers in Krosul’s Kofaadsa can of course journey wherever they want and with whatever purpose they desire. However, each of the major locations has a slightly different design principle guiding it, so groups may prefer to stick to one area over others. Below they are listed in roughly descending order from the most material (maps, scenarios, etc.) to the least.

Campaign Region Sandbox Style Source Material Description
Land of Song Place-Based Modules Nearly 70 maps and hundreds of pages describing NPCs, locales Starting scenarios are very detailed, and things don’t let up for the rest of the campaign. PCs will go from zero to hero, and the Referee has more than enough material to support this epic campaign arc.
Ennirac Bay Pointcrawl About 50 maps and over 300 pages of location details Like a most campaigns, the Referee gets a lot of help with early locations–the starting village and its surroundings, the faction-filled city, and some mid-level dungeons–but things get increasingly sketchy later on.
Borderlands Pathcrawl Three fully mapped regions linking many One Page Dungeons Nestled between the civilized reaches of Dolmvay and the dangerous wilderlands, these border areas serve a dual purpose: they can either be the focal/starting point for a campaign, or they will be the frequently-visited regions adventurers pass through on their way to someplace else.
Wilderlands Hexcrawl 1500 unique hexes across four maps Largely unexplored, these dangerous realms are perfect for parties that want to focus on overland travel and discovery. Every hex has something new, but Referees will need to improvise/prepare for any place the players hone in on.

Creative Commons License Krosul’s Kofaadsa by Chris Flood is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. Based on material from the One-Page Dungeon Contest and Free Fantasy Maps.