Krosul's Kofaadsa - Borderlands

The borderlands adjacent to Dolmvay and its environs have established trade routes and settlements, but aren’t as safe as the more civilized area inland. Noted in italics on the main map, these three regions are designed as “pathcrawls,” wherein the main places of interest lie on established paths that adventurers can easily access. But if the adventurers stray from these paths, their movement slows and the danger increases.

The Arm

Unlike the other borderlands, the Arm borders very little other than water. To the west lies Dolmvay and the relatively safe farmlands and pastures surrounding it, but in all other directions streches the Purple Sea. Despite its proximity to civilization, the Arm is said to be home to the strangest places in all of Krosul’s Kofaadsa, not the least of which is an ancient mecca, whose crumbling spires still reach all the way to the heavens. Those who dare go beyond the farthest reaches of civilization are said to become lost in the treacherous, everchanging Hexenbracken.

The Black Mire

Anyone traveling the trade route west out of Dolmvay will eventually reach Coruvon, the last settlement before the vast expanse of the Black Mire. This frothy frontier town is an unavoidable crossroads for those hoping to travel to the Kraal, an alluring side stop on the way from Dolmvay to the coastal regions of the Land of Song, or destination unto itself for those who have heard of the abandoned riches of the nearby fortress Kuln.

While Challenge of the Frog Idol does a great job detailing the area immediately around Coruvon, anything further removed is left to the Referee. Much of this realm was once home to a dwarven civilization whose ruins can be found by those bold enough to seek them out.

  1. Blacklock Mine
  2. Tomb of Oddli the Stone-Squarer
  3. Griswald’s Shifting Dungeon


Bordering on three very distinct regions, Tesh gives adventurers a taste of them all. Dolmvay has long tried to tame the lowland forests, which share many of the same fey inhabitants as their cousins in the Land of Song to the west. But any inroads made long ago proved futile, as the petty barons of Tesh have since claimed their independence from the northern kingdom. Meanwhile, the road south grows increasingly dangerous, as villagers who flee the encroaching waters of the Floodlands settle in among the bandits and thieves of the surrounding hills. Further south, none dare to go, for it is said there lie the endless expanses of desolation known as Zhaar.

Creative Commons License Krosul’s Kofaadsa by Chris Flood is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. Based on material from the One-Page Dungeon Contest, Free Fantasy Maps, and Dragonsfoot.