Krosul's Kofaadsa - Ennirac Bay


With nearly a hundred maps and over 500 pages of description, Ennirac Bay offers up the most detailed locales of Krosul’s Kofaadsa. The region’s largest city–Dolmvay–lies at heart of Ennirac Bay, and the roads that connect its surrounding pastures, farmland, and villages make for relatively easy travel. As such, adventurers can make it from one end of the area to the other (and most of the locales in between) without much trouble. However, once they leave the map, they have entered one of the Borderlands, where things can be a bit more…eventful.



Major Locations

Despite the ease of passage, Ennirac Bay is far from devoid of adventuring opportunities! Several areas stand out as excellent locales for many an adventure:

  1. Gold Hill, a once prosperous mining town, has come under new management. Designed for low-level characters, this area is a great starting point for adventuring in Ennirac Bay.
  2. Dolmvay is the largest city in Krosul’s Kofaadsa and can serve as either a frequent waystop between other adventuring locales or a base for a whole series of urban adventures.
  3. The Valen Peaks hide the mysterious Monastery of the Order of the Crimson Monks. By design, PCs will not be able to stumble upon this dungeon by wandering around the mountains, so Referees should plant clues to its location at various other sites around Ennirac Bay (e.g., an incomplete map found near Gold Hill, a grizzled guide in Dolmvay, and so on).
  4. The Necropolis of Bryn Mynnyd and other nearby locales provide entry to “Dyson’s Mega Delve”, a 30-level megadungeon. The maps are spectacular, but the Referee will need to provide details for each area.
  5. Werewood and all areas north of it are a blank slate for the Referee to use–or not–however she pleases.

Located in the heart of the bay, the Isles of Mist are an alternative starting point, but the style here is a bit different Gold Hill or the other supplements here. There’s less detail provided, and the default approach is a hexcrawl, emphasizing travel and exploration. For more information, see the Wilderlands.

“Masks of Baphomet”

Because of the locations’ detail and the relatively safe passage between them, Ennirac Bay is the ideal staging ground for an epic campaign along the lines of such memorable classics as Masks of Nyarlathotep. Religious orders like the Church of Law and Order (Dolmvay) and the Order of the Crimson Monks (Valen Peaks) seem to be major players in the area, and signs of the demons they perhaps oppose are prevalent. Is Baphomet planning something sinister? Referees will have to put in some elbow grease to make this work, but here are some initial thoughts as well as an example of how this approach has been applied to other material.

Creative Commons License Krosul’s Kofaadsa by Chris Flood is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. Based on material from the One-Page Dungeon Contest, Free Fantasy Maps, Dragonsfoot, and Dyson’s Dodecahedron.