Krosul's Kofaadsa - Land of Song

Her Dark Majesty

This is a massive campaign, with almost 70 maps and hundreds of pages of material. Locations are given considerable detail, establishing an exceptional “playground” for the players to mess around in. Although the connections between the modules must be pretty linear, the background for these types of adventures tends not to be that important, and the modules themselves are very open-ended.

Update: Another version of this campaign that ties it to Mystara is posted on RPGGeek. It has more descriptive flourishes but follows the same progression.

I. The Early Tales (1st-4th Levels)

The campaign starts in a small village then moves into a realm of fairy tales and folklore. The initial adventure would probably blend with the others a little more if touched up with a few fairy tale elements.

  1. 1st Level: “The Melford Murder” (and possibly SM1 and SM3, but not SM4)
  2. 2nd Level: “Gone Fishin’”
  3. 3rd Level: “Red Tam’s Bones”
  4. 4th Level: “The Garden of the Hag Queen”

II. Her Dark Majesty (5th-8th Levels)

Taking place in a Vikings-inspired northern realm, John Turcotte’s epic Her Dark Majesty is a great next step for the PCs. Note that Bryce Lynch, who recommended all the previous modules, recommends only “Stormcrows Gather” from this batch; however, he thinks if it’s used “first” as a backdrop, then the others would be a lot better.

  1. “Where the Fallen Jarls Sleep,”
  2. “Beneath the Black Towen”
  3. “Stormcrows Gather”
  4. “The Emperor’s Lost Army”

III. Gygax Homage (9th Level & Beyond)

This epic arc is made up of fan homages to the legendary GDQ series.

  1. These various giant lairs have accumulated praise as fitting alternatives to the classic G-series.
  2. City of the Spider God is an homage to D3 Vault of the Drow set in Conan’s Hyboria. Some tweaks should make it work here.
  3. The map found at the end of the previous module leads to the lair of Her Dark Majesty (or Lolth), in the Lost Caverns of Acheron, appropriately located in a “frozen north.” If feeling cruel, use the false Tomb of Horrors as an alternate location for her lair.
  4. Skein of the Death Mother is Turcotte’s alternate ending to the GDQ series and fits in as a perfect conclusion to this campaign arc. The previous module can hopefully serve as the replacement to Q1’s demonweb.


Nearly all of the modules included here were designed for AD&D 1e, so OSRIC (PDF) would probably provide the most seamless ruleset. That’s a bit overwrought for your tastes, try this more streamlined approach:

  1. Use Searchers of Mystara to start characters off a 0-level and give them a bit of “fairy tale” flavor appropriate to the initial part of the campaign.
  2. Once characters reach 1st level or so, they can pick a class and transition to Swords & Wizardry (PDF), which should be almost entirely compatible with all the material above.

What If We’re Just Passing Through?

Not everybody entering the Land of Song needs to sign up for an epic campaign. For those passing through on their way elsewhere, the Giant’s Dollhouse is a brief adventure appropriate to the setting.