Krosul's Kofaadsa - Wilderlands


Dangerous and difficult to reach, the Wilderlands can be the primary stomping grounds for a hexcrawl campaign or exotic destinations for adventures more focused on central areas like Ennirac Bay. The three Wilderland areas, each indicated by a letter inside a hex icon, are located almost entirely off the edge of the mainland map and can be reached overland or by ship, as shown on the table below.

Travel to the Wilderlands

Wilderland Overland (from Ennirac Bay) Arrival by Ship
The Kraal (K) Through the Black Mire Going upriver from Dolmvay, a boat can drop party near a pass leading to hex 2020.
The Colossal Wastes of Zhaar (Z) Through Tesh Sail along southern edge of Ennirac Bay till mountains jut into the sea. Then look for the sea elves of Saltenhaven (hex 2003).
The Hexenbracken (H) Through the Arm Any pirate can navigate to Lao Shae (hex 2101). The only question is: what’s in it for them?

Starting a Hexcrawl Campaign

Located in the middle of Ennirac Bay, the Isles of Mist (I) are the perfect starting point for a hexcrawl campaign. The isles themselves are small and designed for low-level play. In addition, the author included thoughtful, streamlined hexcrawl procedures, useful for Referee who have not come up with these himself. However, as with the larger hexcrawls of the Wilderlands, some of the areas will require more detail from the Referee:

In addition the following scenarios have been published for this setting:

Once the adventurers have gained some experience on the Isles of Mist, they will be ready to move on to the more expansive Wilderlands, for which the Referee should plant clues and rumors through out the isles.

Adventuring in the Wilderlands

Side Quests

Additional Rules for the Hexenbracken