Donjon Squad

On Mighty Thews hacks together Dungeon Squad! and Donjon by granting players a “fact” or a +1 future bonus for every two points by which they beat the target number (standardized at 4) on a roll. (In conflicts, taking out a minor character or injuring a major character are also options. Physical combat requires usage of one of these “Successes” to soak any injuries.) Up to three injuries, removed only by accepting a -2 to a roll, replace Dungeon Squad’s Hit Points and its clunky Armor rule. The designer also replaced “Stuff” with “Abilities” and added “d20 Traits,” though the latter mechanically just seems to give players the chance to improve their die rolls no matter what they do. Overall, it gives players more narrative power than Dungeon Squad! without adding a lot of rules overhead. In fact, I’d say it’s more streamlined than Donjon while having a similar effect. Its thematic focus also helps keep the game from straying into comedy, as Donjon is wont to do.